Detox & Colon Cleanse


Our High Strength Detox and Colon Cleanse formula has been designed to work quickly and effectively without upsetting your body’s natural hormones.



Our High Strength Detox & Colon Cleanse works effectively by combining 12 of the best, most potent ingredients.

This means your body can concentrate on eliminating the build-up of toxins rather than battling against processing even more waste products.

You should also drink up to two litres of water everyday during the detoxing process. This helps the kidneys work more effectively, literally ‘flushing’ out the toxins from your body. Detox diets can last from anything from one weekend to a whole month and are designed to eliminate the build-up of waste toxins in your body and also boost the body’s natural detoxification process so it can function more effectively in future.

The liver, the largest detoxifying organ in the body, processes toxins and then passes them on to the kidneys or skin to be excreted from the body. But if toxins build up, the organs cannot process them quickly enough and the natural process of detoxification slows down, making you feel sluggish, tired and stressed.

Every day we are consuming more pollutants and toxins from our food and the environment than ever before, putting our organs under even more pressure to process them.

The more toxins your body absorbs, the harder it becomes to detoxify naturally.

We have specially designed our Detox & Colon Cleanse formula to give a POWERFUL but SAFE DETOX with 12 ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, nobody can match our blend of ingredients.

Recommended Use of Detox & Colon Cleanse

Take 1-2 capsule first thing in the morning before breakfast with a pint of water.



Disclaimer: This is a natural product and as such results may vary from person to person

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